To be Excused from PE

We understand that illnesses and injuries happen, however, if your child is too sick or injured to participate in physical activity a parent must send a note.  Parents may limit participation for one or two days.  If a child needs to be restricted for more than 2 days, a doctors note is required.   The doctors note should include the length of restriction.

Your child's health is important to us, and we believe that parents and doctors are in the best position to decide whether a child is healthy enough to participate.  A phone call or note from parents or doctors are accepted, a student may not excuse themselves from partcipating.

You may contact Ms. Amstrup at 612-668-1530 ext 34905, You may contact Ms. Dawson at 612-668-1530 ext 34906, or you may contact the health office at 612-668-1538.