About Ms. Jernberg

Sandy Jernberg, Reading Resource

Hi!  My name is Sandy Jernberg.  This is my 34th year of teaching in the Minneapolis Public Schools and my 26th year at Pillsbury. Time flies when you’re having fun! I really enjoy being here because of our tremendous student diversity and our strong family involvement.

Over the years I’ve had many positions.  For 29 years I was a classroom teacher. I’ve also been a Literacy Specialist and an Advanced Differentiation Specialist. This year I’m a Reading Resource Teacher and the Talent Development Site Lead (that means I’m responsible for the identification and support of our advanced learners).

Outside of school I love to travel with my husband, especially long road trips! One of my favorite interests is volcanology, so I’ve climbed volcanoes, explored lava tubes, dipped my rock hammer in molten lava, and studied geology in Hawaii and Iceland.  Besides travel, I love to read, write grants, garden, bike, hike, snorkel, cross-country ski and canoe.