Mr. Lurvey 220

Hello. My name is Mr. Lurvey. I teach a second and third grade class at Pillsbury School. I have been a teacher at Pillsbury since 1993. I began teaching art. I did this for 9 years, and taught math for one year before deciding to return to the classroom. I have had the privilege of teaching second grade since 2003. I was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I went to school and did one year of university. I travel to Canada every couple of years, to return to my roots. I became a teacher after doing several years of traveling throughout the US and Canada performing in a band. Music has also brought me to Finland (the land of my ancestors) and the African countries of Nigeria, Cameroon and Liberia. Music continues to be a big part of my life in the classroom. I am married and have three children, all of whom are, or have been, Minneapolis Public School students. My daughter, Johanna, is a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she is in Asian Studies with an emphasis on Japanese. My son David is a freshman at Ithaca College in upstate New York, studying film making.  My son Stephen is a student at Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis.  My wife, Lynn, is also a teacher in Minneapolis. My teaching degree came from the University of Minnesota. I continue to take classes and workshops to improve my teaching skills. Teaching is a dynamic process that is different with every class I teach. I try to adapt my teaching to meet the needs and skills of my class. I love to teach writing, science and math. I expect students to come with a positive attitude about learning, to work hard, to be respectful of others, and to have fun.  Life in my room is active and productive. I do not always send homework with students, but I always expect my students to read at home. Students who read at home do better at school than those who do not read at home. I encourage my students to go their local library to make sure they always have books in their homes. Read, Read, Read. I am excited to be your child's teacher.

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