P.E. Classroom Schedule


2014- 2015

Physical Education Schedule


Room 110 Ms. Rabe                   Tuesday and Friday

Room 111 Ms. Baker                 Wednesday and Friday

Room 113 Ms. Pierskalla          Tuesday and Thursday

Room 114 Ms. Stoner               Monday and Thursday


Room 118 Ms. Wettstaedt      Wednesday and Friday

Room 119 Mr. Guiang              Tuesday and Friday

Room 120 Ms. Ridge                Monday and Thursday

Room 121 Mr. Lyreck              Tuesday and Thursday


Room 216 Ms. Parker              Monday and Thursday

Room 218 Ms. Robinson         Wednesday and Friday

Room 219 Ms. Rodriquez       Tuesday and Friday

Room 220 Mr. Lurvey              Tuesday and Thursday


Room 203 Mr. B. Anderson     Tuesday and Thursday

Room 207 Ms. Bove                  Wednesday and Friday

Room 209 Mr. Nestrud             Tuesday and Friday

Room 213 Mr. Lundquist        Monday and Thursday


Room 202 Ms. Sellers               Monday and Wednesday

Room 221 Ms. Potvien             Monday and Wednesday

Room 224 Ms. K. Anderson    Monday and Wednesday

Room 225 Ms. Singh                 Monday and Thursday


Room 226 Ms. Pederson          Wednesday and Friday

Room 227 Ms. Fagerlee            Tuesday and Friday

Room 231 Ms. Oljace                 Tuesday and Thursday