Ms. Parker

     My name is Kirstin Parker and I am currently a 2nd grade teacher here at Pillsbury.  I am fortunate in that I was one of the original staff hired in 1991.  It was incredible to be be at the forefront of designing this school and creating the Math/Science/Technology focused curriculum with my colleagues. During my time here I have taught many different grade levels and subject areas.  My first year I taught a 3rd/4th grade combination.  The second year I moved up to take a spot on the 5th/6th grade team where I remained for many years.  As the district moved back to straight grade levels, I taught 3rd grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, Title One Reading support and the Gifted and Talented and Catalyst Programs when Bottinue School merged with Pillsbury.  I also taught 6th grade social studies during the couple of years when we went to more of a middle school model with the 6th graders, before the district decided that they should be in middle schools instead of K-6 buildings.  I also taught a year of a 4th/5th grade combination, as well as several years of straight 5th grade.  This is currently my 8th year as a second grade teacher, as well as my 31st year of being an educator.  I have lived in the neighborhood since 1990 and am so grateful to be able to watch so many of my students grow up, become a part of the community and start families of their own.  I have had several children of former students over the last 6-8 years, which on some level, make me feel a bit old!  But mostly it makes me feel thankful for the ability to spend the great majority of my teaching career here at Pillsbury and as a part of the Northeast community. When I am not teaching, I enjoy being with, and taking care of, my 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 chicken and many fish, both in my pond outside and in my 75 gallon tank in the basement of my home.  I am going to retire at some point, but hope to spend my remaining years as a teacher at one of the finest schools in the MPS district; Pillsbury!