School Start Times

Students should arrive to school between 7:15 and 7:30 AM

The school building will be locked before 7:15 AM, and there is no supervision for children before 7:15. The school building will be locked again at 7:30 AM. All students arriving after 7:30 AM must enter through the Garfield St. entrance

The Hayes St. entrance will be locked at 7:30 AM

By 7:30 AM all students should be in their classroom – teachers are ready to teach and students are ready to learn

If students arrive after 7:40, they must get a late pass from the office.

Parents walking students into the building must always sign in. If you are walking your students to class, they need to be in class by 7:40 AM.  If visiting a class later than 7:40 AM, parents must check in again at the front office and get a nametag before proceeding.

We look forward to your cooperation in ensuring that our students are safe, are at school on time, and ready to learn. When we all work together, we can have a safer school for everyone.