About Pillsbury Elementary

We are

A safe, challenging, nurturing learning community striving to meet the individual needs of students and families.

We will

Educate, motivate and provide opportunities to develop skills and acquire knowledge through quality instruction and leadership,

So all are

Engaged and successful in their ongoing education, life-
long learners and productive, respectful, global citizens.



Perseverance: We will not give up on ourselves or our community and will strive to find unique solutions, especially when the task before us in difficult or complex.

Relationships: We are stronger together and, with repsect and compassion, we will build a thriving school community.

Integrity: We are advocates for truth, fairness, and justice even if we stand alone.

Diversity: We will ensure that everyone from all backgrounds feels welcome and represented in decision making. We address conflict repsectfully and compasstionately. All voices are heard. We address our unconscious biases.

Exploration: We will encourage creativity, imagination, and problem-solving and will do the hard work necessary to achieve our goals together.





Please contact Principal Skowronek, at (612) 668-1530 with any questions about our school!