All Art Students at Pillsbury...
• will be creatively working their way through the Elements of Art, which include: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Form and Space.
• will have lots of hands-on experience using a variety of different media (including pencils, paints, crayons, markers, clay, and collage materials) in age-appropriate ways.
• will have the opportunity to learn about art and artists from different periods and cultures.
• are expected to participate in a fun and respectful learning environment.

Minneapolis K-5 Art Grade Level Expectations

    Students in kindergarten through third grade are introduced to a variety of materials, techniques, and processes used in visual arts. Students learn to observe critically and begin to develop a vocabulary for the arts.
    Students in grades four and five learn to communicate ideas and demonstrate proficiency using a variety of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes for personal expression. Students use the art inquiry process (describe, analyze, interpret, decide) to compare and contrast works of art.

In the Art Room
Here's a look at what's happening in room 206 at Pillsbury this year.
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