Ways that you can Help Pillsbury Math/Science/Technology
Monday, August 29, 2005 8:10 PM

1. When booklets and papers are brought home, look at them, comment on them, and review them with your child.  Show genuine interest in the work.  This communicates the idea that education is important, and it encourages your child to do well in school.

2. Talk with your child daily about school, everyday happenings, and current events.

3. See that your child gets plenty of sleep.  Encourage exercise and good nutrition.

4. Instruct your child to complete homework as early in the afternoon or evening as possible. 

5. Take an active interest in your child's schoolwork.  Assist your child when he or she has an upcoming test and needs to study, even if that assistance is simply providing plenty of quiet time.  It is also helpful to quiz your child orally on the information he or she is studying.

6. Encourage your child to write.

7. Encourage your child to read for pleasure.

8.  Good work habits begins at home.

9.  See Mrs. Dawn Malcolm at Pillsbury MST if you are    interested in volunteering.  Your help is always appreciated!

10.  If you need educational resources please contact me at msingh@mpls.k12.mn.us or send a written letter to room 225. You can call Pillsbury MST at (612)668-1530