About Ms. Molohon

Emily Molohon, 1st Grade


Hello, my name is Ms. Emily Molohon (pronounced “Mahl-uh-hahn”). I am currently a reserve teacher with an elementary teaching license. I have had 7+ years working in classroom setting. I have worked with many ages from toddlers to pre-teens.


Every educator has a philosophy. My philosophy is the belief that students learn best by engaging in real-world activities. Students should be prepared in school to think critically and solve the types of problems they will face outside of the classroom. I believe that students should be active participants in the learning process and that they are connecting what they are learning to their lives.


This year I will be working closely with Mrs. Stellmach in your child’s classroom.  For those of you that have not yet been informed, Mrs. Stellmach is on maternity leave until the end of March. As Mrs. Stellmach’s long-term substitute, I will have the honor of working with your child every day! I am thrilled to be involved in your child’s learning here at Pillsbury School.