video Kare 11 at Pillsbury vol. 1   --  How Will You Change the World?
video Kare 11 at Pillsbury vol. 2   --  Losing Teeth and the Tooth Fairy.
video Kare 11 at Pillsbury vol. 3   --  Free for All
video Kare 11 at Pillsbury vol. 4   --  Why are grownups on their phones so much?
Jessica Skowronek
New Principal at Pillsbury!

New Principal named for the 2018-19 School Year

School Start Times

The safety of our students is a priority here at Pillsbury, and your cooperation is a big part of how we keep each and every child safe. In order to make sure our school is a safe place to learn, please follow the guidelines outlined in this section.

Breakfast starts at 7:15

Classes begin at 7:30

After 7:40 students will need to go to the office for a tardy pass.

Programa Biling├╝e

Programa Bilingüe: Ofrecemos un programa bilingüe para estudiantes en K-3. Learn more about our Bilingual Program in K-3rd grades.