Greetings from Principal Sirakavit


Dear Pillsbury Community,

My name is Rey Sirakavit (Sir-uh-cah-vit) and I am so excited to be joining the Pillsbury Team as the new principal! I have heard many great things about this community, and I look forward to us learning and growing together.

My vision is to cultivate a culture of excellence, high achievement, and intentional community. We’ve got a big job in front of us, but I am confident that working together, we will be successful. Throughout my career in education, I have equipped teachers, support staff, and administrators to implement anti-bias and culturally responsive practices, resulting in safe, supportive, and rigorous learning environments for all students from all backgrounds and ability levels. I look forward to bringing that same vision to Pillsbury.

As the mother of three school-aged children myself, I am absolutely passionate about supporting the work that teachers do to educate children and eliminate the achievement gap. I look at my own children—one has a learning disability, one is an advanced learner, and one has social/emotional challenges. Yet, they are all capable of greatness. The same is true of every Pillsbury student. It is our responsibility to see beneath the surface, beyond the labels, past the stereotypes, to the possibilities within each of them.

This task is more than any one teacher, administrator, or parent can do alone. The support and partnership of our entire community is integral to our success and legacy. What a privilege it is to nurture the next generation!


Rey Sirakavit

Principal, Pillsbury Elementary School