Welcome to Media at Pillsbury !
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I am Ms. Swanby and am excited to be your new Media Specialist at Pillsbury. It is my pleasure to work with all the wonderful students and great staff in this beautiful neighborhood. I feel so lucky to be working with the Pillsbury community.


I have been a Media Specialist in Minneapolis for more than 15 years. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University in Elementary Education. I obtained my Masters of Science degree in Educational Technology from the University of Minnesota, Mankato.  I

Target Makeover
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received my Media Specialist license from the University of Minnesota, Mankato.


When I am not working on Media / Technology classes I am either taking photographs of nature, walking my two dogs or reading an exciting book. 

I want to thank all our Pillsbury parents and caregivers for doing such a great job with our polite and respectful students. It really makes a difference.

All Pillsbury parents are encouraged to visit Ms. Swanby and our beautiful Media center anytime you can come in.

Media Center

All students come to Media Class once a week. My goals are to support Pillsbury’s curriculum and to assist the members of our Pillsbury community to become effective users of technology and information. My love of books and stories will help your child foster an ongoing love of reading. 

Please contact me, if you have any questions or comments, or want to volunteer in the Media Center!

Contact information: Sher.Swanby@mpls.k12.mn.us. Phone: 612-668-1550.